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Immedi-let Limited Customer Internet Privacy Statement 

The owners would like to welcome you to (this ‘Website'). Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how Immedi-Let collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us on our site.

Immedi-Let Limited (referred to as purely Immedi-Let), are a registered Ltd company in England and Wales.The Limited company number 07278316 is that of Immedi-Let. The registered office is Laurel House, 69C Dee Banks, Great Boughton, Chester, and Immedi-Let are the owners and operators of this Website. Immedi-Let run from a virtual office, so correspondence can be sent to this address, but it is important to acknowledge that the company is not a direct contact at the registered address.

In outline of the Privacy Policy the use of ‘We', ‘Our' and ‘Us' refers to Immedi-Let Ltd, and ‘This website' refers directly to We emphasise the importance of reviewing this Policy carefully before employment of this Website.

Through the use of this Website alone you are agreeing to the employment of your provided information in accordance with this Policy. Any continued use of this Website is eternally in accordance with this privacy policy. Upon using the site you are entering into a legally binding contract to do so with this in mind. If you have any disagreement with this policy we would suggest contacting us directly or a non continued use of the site.

This Privacy Policy applies in whole to the services available from and any of our current or future services on offer, whether direct or external. Immedi-Let hold the right to make relevant alterations to this Privacy Policy when necessary, under the premise that any such changes will be displayed on the site. As before continued use of the site is acceptance of this policy, and if not accepted we recommend contact or ceasing using the site.

information being collected online.

It is important for us to maximise the services that we can offer the customer. As such we analyse customer interests and preferences through determining popular areas of the site, asking for feedback through direct contact, and assessing feedback that has been voluntary given. We may well keep track of the pages the consumer is visiting and for what duration. We will only use the personal information such as name, phone number and email address that you have provided to us in direct relation to any service that you have asked us to perform on your behalf. This information will not be passed to any external subject without prior permission for yourself.

You concede the right to immedi-let Ltd. to receive, maintain, and employ in any relevant manner all aspects of your provided information for the sole and unique purpose of providing you with the services you have requested, any additional services required and to assist with internal business development and analysis (through feedback). We reserve the right to use your details for the following:

  • Analysis to develop the website structure and design, company strategy, and to maximise the services that we can provide.
  • As a vital tool in market research, assisting with development through analysis.
  • Forming customer testimonials, assessing all feedback to maximise performance.
  • Prevention of any defamatory, insulting, obnoxious or disturbing posts placed on the site, and to govern as an authority against these actions.
  • If insisted upon via law or regulation, through order or warrant.
  • To inform you directly of any website changes, new and/or developed products, services or promotional offers that may be of interest for accounting purposes and proof of business.
  • To show as a number rather than the details, with exact figures of sales to banks, investors and accountants where evidence of business levels is required.
  • For ourselves, or an employed third party by ourselves to carry out statistical diagnosis in order to determine site performance, strengths and weaknesses, behaviour patterns on site and maximise online advertising and exposure.

If you do not wish for Immedi-let to release your personal details to ANY third party or external source at any point please enquire at [email protected].

The property details that you provide to Immedi-let will be immediately outsourced to a number of other sites, in accordance with the terms and conditions highlighted on this site, and with the level of service which you have asked us to perform. Each external site will remain in accordance with their own privacy policy. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy of other website links into and out of
Protecting the information online.

All personal data held by Immedi-Let Ltd. as part of your customer details is contained within a database that is physically and technically secured, backed up in a secure manner and held privately. Payments that you make for our services will be made on the PayPal secure server which uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect the customers personal data such as credit/debit card details when making a payment. this link will provide more information.

If you would like further information regarding the privacy policy and exactly what it entails that we use then do not hesitate to email us on [email protected] . One of our team will be lined up to answer any concerns regarding the use of personal information, provide full and frank responses. You can also email us on this address to make any alterations to existing personal data that we hold on out system.

Some of the places that we advertise your properties to let include:

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