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The owners would like to welcome you to immedilet.co.uk (this ‘Website’).

Immedi-Let Limited (referred to as purely Immedi-Let), are a registered Ltd company in England and Wales.

The Limited company number 07278316 is that of Immedi-Let.

The registered office is Laurel House, 69C Dee Banks, Great Boughton, Chester, and Immedi-Let are the owners and operators of this Website. Immedi-Let run from a virtual office, so correspondence can be sent to this address, but it is important to acknowledge that the company is not a direct contact at the registered address.

In outline of the Terms and Conditions the use of ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’ refers to Immedi-Let Ltd, and ‘This website’ refers directly to www.immedi-let.co.uk. We emphasise the importance of reviewing these Terms and Conditions carefully before employment of this Website. Through the use of this Website alone you are confirming an agreement to these Terms and Conditions. Any continued use of this Website is eternally subject to these Terms and Conditions and all outlined laws of this website. Upon using the site you are entering into a legally binding contract to do so under these terms and conditions. If you have any disagreement with these terms and conditions we would suggest contacting us directly or a non continued use of the site.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the services available from www.immedilet.co.uk and any of our current or future services on offer, whether direct or external. Immedi-Let hold the right to make relevant alterations to these Terms and Conditions when necessary, under the premise that any such changes will be displayed on the site. As before continued use of the site is acceptance of these terms and conditions, and if not accepted we recommend contact or ceasing using the site.


On provision of content to ourselves we are provided with a non-exclusive, binding, continual, non commission based ability to employ, reproduce, edit where necessary, transfer and distribute to external media sites, including advertising space on all websites advertised through Immedi-Let. These rights provide us with the capability of displaying your content and offering to other sites. Importantly you guarantee that all information provided by yourself is accurate and to the best of your expected knowledge exact, not exaggerated, and honest.

Data Protection

Any personal information that is provided by you the user to us, Immedi-Let Ltd. will be used in the strictest of confidence and in direct relation to the terms of our privacy policy. Please click here

On submission of your property you can expect a phone call to confirm relevant details, and that in fact you are indeed the owner of the property that you are advertising, and to receive permission verbally to advance in the submission of your property details. You hold complete responsibility to ensure all personal and property details that we hold are correct.


Website Rights of material

All logos, web design, materials, copyright, trademark, and intellectually property rights found on this website, as well as any details or information provided by us as a course of our services, belong indefinitely to Immedi-Let Ltd, through ownership and licensing. Under no circumstances without clear prior written permission should anybody, employ, copy, deform, edit, publish, distribute, display publically, transfer material, or use the site for their own financial gain. We do permit personal printing on an information basis providing a non-commercial basis. We encourage links from external sites, but will request that written consent is received beforehand. A recommendation through distribution of the company name does not require consent, and allows for use of company site link on forums, emails and social networking sites. Immedi-Let.co.uk may include links to external sites. We cannot be held responsible for the content, product, services and performance within or linkable through these sites. Future use of any external website will always be solely at your own risk.

Terms of Use

It is essential that without prejudice to any of our personal or your other rights we will maintain the right to remove your advertisements without warning and reference to you, and without return of fees. We can also deny access to www.immedi-let.co.uk. Both of the above will only take place if we are given any impression that you are in breach of agreed terms and conditions.

We reaffirm that you may only use this website in agreement with these Terms and Conditions and remain within the guidelines in all actions. You must also be certain that you are compliant with all regulations, laws, codes of practice etc. at the destination from which you choose to access our site, and agree that this is solely your responsibility.

We would like to emphasise the importance of the following that you agree you will not do:

  • Post, transfer or attempt to advertise any information on this site that may insult, offend, degrade or discriminate any individual.
  • Advertise without authorisation, advertise falsely or in an exaggerated way or be fraudulent in your advertising and/or activity on this website.
  • Look to gain unauthorised access to this or any other partner site or networks highlighted withinwww.immedi-let.co.uk
  • Infringe upon the rights of yourself or any other individual, internal and external to the company, through use of the site.
  • Change, damage, disregard or interfere with the coding behind the design and indeed the design and outlook of our site.
  • Use any means interference either electronically or manually that may contravene the operation and/or performance of this Website.
  • Reproduction or imitation of any material on this website for personal gain.

Limitation of Liability

In agreeing (through use of site) to the terms and conditions you are acknowledging and agreeing that;

We cannot be liable if for any reason www.immedi-let.co.uk is unavailable for any length of time. For reasons beyond our control, access to this site may be temporarily removed without notice. This can occur during repair, restructuring, system or hosting failures, all of which, amongst other reasons, are beyond our control.

The material offered on this website is referred to on an informative basis. We do not offer “advice” or definite recommendations and you should not depend upon any of our site material when making a decision, or in the course of taking action. Beyond the site we would advise you to seek professional advice but the use of such advice or other information removes all liability from us and is solely at your own risk.

We have no control, cannot be held liable for and will not guarantee the level of truth or accuracy of listings content from users, transaction fulfilment, user affordability, the ability of a vendor to pay for purchases, and unless agreed management and viewings of properties.

The material on our site will be regularly updated but on busy periods certain content may well be out of date. We can accept no responsibility for keeping all information on this site to date or the liability for failure to do so, especially in the case of use of out of date information.

As well as being unable to confirm the exact validity of accuracy of product description from site users Immedi-let can also not be held responsible for the exactness of identities allocated to the same users.

We refuse to limit liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or death and personal injury occurring through our own negligence.

We are unable to offer any guaranties, warrantees, promises or the like regarding our services and their ability to remain uninterrupted.

Third party material and services

This Website (including design) contains material (advertisements, links and more) transferred and designed by third parties. All third party material is employed in good faith. We will accept no responsibility for accuracy and relevance of this material and disregards and removes liability to any individual for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever or however arising from any circumstance in third party material. As such we are completely removed of responsibility for all third party material. On purchasing a product from a third party you are obliged and regulated by their own terms and conditions and we are cleared of all responsibility and/or liability.


Through use of this site you agree to indemnify, defend and clear Immedi-Let all and any liability, loss, claim and expense (including payable legal fees) incurred as a result of your breach of these Terms and Conditions.


Immedi-Let Ltd charge fees for each property advertised through our site. Where relevant you will be expected to pay us the applicable fee listed on this site on completion of your order. Additional charges, including taxes, will be outlined before completion and made clear. Fees are accepted only in GB pounds sterling through use of our Business PayPal account, with the property becoming advertised on full receipt of payment. Fees are changeable in relation to rising costs or special offers, but in such case the fees will always be transparent.

Landlords’ responsibilities

All disputes between a landlord and tenant that have united through our service are to be resolved solely by the landlord and tenant. We are not responsible for disputes occurring throughout a tenancy term. In the case of full management Immedi-Let will act as a mediator in the dispute.

As the landlord you are accepting sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under tenancy laws and regulations applying to you and the legality of any items listed on this site. Except where Immedi-Let has agreed to provide as part of any paid service (Full management, tenant finder plus, Letting only etc.), it is wholly your responsibility to ensure that all of the following are adhered to:

  • A current landlords’ electrical and gas safety certificate is in place before tenancy begins.
  • Adequate insurance is in place to cover all reasonable outcomes.
  • Consent to let has been granted through the landlords mortgage lender (where appropriate).
  • Standing orders in place, where applicable, to allow for future rental payments from tenant to landlord.
  • Furnished properties adhere completely to Fire Safety regulations 1998.
  • Utility bills transferred into the tenants’ name, including council tax payments and TV licensing (where applicable) to be made by the current tenant.
  • The tenant(s) deposit has been placed in a suitable tenancy deposit scheme, with the tenant given evidence of this once done.

If you wish to change any details held by Immedi-Let whether personal or about your properties, then you are advised to email all wanted changes to [email protected], where we will endeavour to edit as instantly as possible. Also in the case of removal of an advert, please email your name and rental address to [email protected] under the title of ADVERT REMOVAL. Once removed, the property can only be uploaded through purchase of another service. In the case that you are reported as misrepresenting a property in your advert, we reserve the right to temporarily withdraw the advert from our sites. You will be contacted to and to confirm that the advert is correct, and you are obliged to evidence this fact. Once received, we have the right to decide on reinstatement of the property for advertisement. No refund is payable in the case of permanent removal.

In the case that you have asked for any money from potential tenants before signing a contract we reserve the right to remove any or all property listings even if we have acknowledged and taken receipt of payment from your account.

Partner sites and Data Feed

We are dedicated to getting your property across the maximal exposure as fast and reliably as we can. As such it is vital that we reserve the right to use an automated data feed system which will send your advertisement to a number of our partner sites.

We cannot and will not guarantee that any property you through our site will be continually displayed on Partner sites, are not responsible for technical issues on these sites, and inform you to acknowledge that your use of these sites will be subject to the terms and conditions set out on each individual site.

Additional terms for landlords requesting a service beyond Tenant Find


The same applies with fee payment in all Landlord aspects as highlighted above. To repeat:

“Immedi-Let Ltd charge fees for each property advertised through our site. Where relevant you will be expected to pay us the applicable fee listed on this site on completion of your order. Additional charges, including taxes, will be outlined before completion and made clear. Fees are accepted only in GB pounds sterling through use of our Business PayPal account, with the property becoming advertised on full receipt of payment. Fees are changeable in relation to rising costs or special offers, but in such case the fees will always be transparent.”

In the case of all tenancy administration, additional services, tenant finder plus and lettings only all fees are to be collected upfront by PayPal.) Payment for Full management will be deducted as rent received, with the tenant finding fee removed from the first rent received, and only payable on successful letting of the property. All tenancy agreements will be drawn up using the Immedi-let standard tenancy agreement (a copy can be provided) and on the basis of the information supplied by the landlord and tenant. Errors in the agreement are the landlords responsibility where based on the information received. Our management of the property can only be carried out on the basis of the information supplied by the landlord, and supported by the tenant once management has resumed.


We shall not be liable for failure or delay in delivery of the Services due to prevention or delay arisen through:

  • Quality or restriction of information and all documentation provided by you or your tenants to fulfil our service.
  • Inaccurate, incomplete, illegible, incorrect form, late or non-delivered, damaged or lost materials that are provided and required from you in order to provide our service.
  • A landlords inability to fulfil obligations set out in services or informed and requested of them through the agency Immedi-Let.

As said previously, we shall have no liability in respect to gas safety certification, unless contracted to do so in agreement.


We will continue to provide a service on the premise that you remain answerable to these terms and conditions. We hold the right to terminate all services provided at no less than one calendar months notice. If fees remain unpaid for a period of longer than 10 days then Immedi-Let holds the right to remove future services, terminate existing contracts, and seek payment by necessary means.


These Terms and Conditions apply only to the use of www.immedilet.co.uk and is not used in conjunction with any other documentation or services that you may receive from Immedi-Let Limited.

We may at any time and liability free edit, defer or terminate a section or all of www.immedi-let.co.uk, with or without notice, for any valid technical, operational or commercial reasons.

This Website is controlled by our virtual office in the UK, and is designed solely for use within this designation. Any use out of this area is beyond our control, not recommended by us, and clears us of all responsibility.

If any segment of our Terms and Conditions is invalidated by English Law, the invalidity extends only to the verdict and does not contradict the validity of the any remaining Terms and Conditions. These will be fully enforceable as outlined.

Both us and you are in complete agreement that we will bow to the verdict and jurisdiction of English Law in any matter arising.


If you would like further information regarding the terms and conditions employed and exactly what they entail then do not hesitate to email us on[email protected] .

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